Alexander Wang pour H&M

I have to admit that I wasn't really crazy about this collection when I saw the lookbook. I craved the collaboration, but after seeing how sporty it was I started hesitating on whether If I was going to like it or not. But then I saw this sneak peek and we have to admit that the movement and energy brings something to it. Alexander Wang is for me what every New York fab girl wear to run around the city from meetings, to fahion shows to cocktails on an every day basis, It is a must, a classic and a master of effortlessly chic, but this collection is an odd to his deepest desire of making the sporty look work. It is indeed very much a trendy proposal only for the Fashion junkies who understand the concept.
At the pre- shop event I even Heard people debating the fact that they wouldn't wear that at the gym.
IT'S NOT GYM CLOTHING PEOPLE. It's a trend stretched to the max only for the brave.
I must say that I quite loved the risk Mr. WANG took with this, however my style is much more classic and I wouldn't have worn all those pieces, so I guess I'll wait for the next big partnership eagerly!
Did you guys get anything from the collection?
Xoxo, RWPF


Beauty: Young and Fun

There's only one life for us to live and once we realize that... Well, the inly choice you have is to WORK IT GIRL!
Beauty just as fashion is a way of self expression and as trends get crazier we get bolder to try them all. Of course there's a time and a place for every single one of them. Well, not really a place but more like a stage in life where some things are still appropriate or odd/crazy looks are not judged as hard and can alway be shaked of with a simple "whatever, we are young". So, if you are less than 25 years old I would encourage you to take a chance and experiment with all of this fun proposals before it is too late. I know I'll certainly will in my next makeover...

Rainbow Hair
My little pony's rainbow mane, japanese-lolita-cotton-candy effect or a simple bold statement of turqouise to match your black lipstick, colored strands are the ultimate accesorie just beware of bad chemical and always look for the most organic treatments to avoid deterioration of your hair.

Golden Gaze
Whether we are talking about vibrant dior eyeshadow in mediterranean shades or a bold shimmering stroke of liquid liner a lá Chanel, glitter, glitter and more glitter are today's way of drawing the attention to you soul.

When I think in flower crowns I think in Sicilia, I think in Dolce and Gabbana, I think in a lady, nature, Italy and mythologie. Flowers represent the goddess of nature and imprégnate sweet sensuality to any look. Try to avoid the coachella girl look unleas you evoque your inner Lana del Rey and wear flowers a size worth remembering, if not stick to the classy leaner version of tiny sprouts to complement weekend dresses and pointy toe heels.

Feeling Blue
Classic out of the box. The new basic arrives with the promisse of changing your entire glanze in one discrete stroke.

Mysterious Kiss
Our lips have tasted all posible shades in the past few seasons, from ruby red to matte hot pink, to orange, to nude, to black and now taking the futuristic approach: Metallic





Simple by TRISTA ss15

The first word that came to my mind at Trista’s show, hot among fashion junkies these days and a flame of confussion to almost every mortal walking over the earth, which after some analysing and research I would call a green light to self-expression or mixture between minimalism and comfort with a tbsp. of sport chic and a drizzle of cool. Definition that perfectly applies to the brand’s latest proposal for a super breezy Spring of 2015.

The thing I consider most Iconic about Trista is the way they intervene their fabrics. One season pictured the result of a pyromaniac attack at the atelier, the next the use of painting to create patterns, now with 3 simple shades they created a collection of sleek silhouettes in binomial combinations; All paired with sneakers and Cat eye sunnies showing how sometimes the less the better.



Now that I'm going through my comfy-yet-stylish phase I'm DYING for most of this pieces... Every girl need a shirt dress to feel atractive yet classy in the heat of the summer. Somehow this collection exudes that androgine appeal we previously discussed were girls will be boys, but better...
Remember, the more toned down the better you'll look!
Will you dare to try normcore?
Xoxo, RWPF


Beauty: Mermaid

 "I must be a mermaid. I have no fear of depths an a great fear of shallow living " -Anaïs Nin 
I am struck by the effect the ocean had on me... Seriously, I'm obsessed with it.
Going to the beach as a kid is a chance to play and roll in the waves, have fun with your parents in the pool and build castles in the sand, but as you grow older such things are no longer attractive. (OK, maybe a little, but you know bikini... rolling in waves... not a good match) All I wanted to do was to lie down on a cot, read to the sound of the waves and meditate, meditate and appreciate the beauty of the contrast of the white sand and the thousand shades of blue, the most primal and wild scene on the planet; Embrace nature and keep it natural... But every mermaid needs a bit of glamour now and then, right? 

Long-lasting Lipstick/MAC COSMETICS
Waterproof Mascara/ Givenchy

Xoxo, RWPF

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