The Lady is a Tramp!

"I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life's a bitch you've got to go out and kick ass" - Maya Angelou
As the old soul that I am, it should not come as a surprise but as something utterly normal when I tell you that I can listen to Sinatra and Tony Bennett in the premises of my room for hours while I paint or write. 
Yesterday, I came across one of my favourite tunes of all: The Lady is a Tramp!
A song I've played over a hundred times and never actually though about it's meaning.
Baffling I know, considering the fact that it's title strickes as shocking, even more for the 1930's when it was written.
This constantly happens, doesn't it? You like a song, the rythm, the attitude, but never really think about the lyrics and it's meaning until for some reason you end up more than a little shocked and ashamed after singing "Voulez-vous coucher avec moi? Ce soir" around the school yard with your best friends (Google if necessary). Or maybe that's just me.  
However I decided I had to research it's intended meaning because in my opinion the song portraits a very honest, strong woman who doesn't let herself be pushed around by anyone. So, her "nickname" didn't make any sense. And I was right!
The song is a spoof of New York's elite and its strong etiquette. The lyrics about a woman who has her own priorities in life and no interest in playing within the big apple's high society stereotypes. Hence she is dismissed as a Tramp for her defiance. (By the close minded matriarchad I suppose)
She is the elegant classy woman who doesn't follow the snobbish status quo, has her own agenda and isn't afraid of anything.
My definition of a modern princess and ideal picture of who I would like to become.
We all grew up reading stories about the daughters of mighty kings, and all they had in common was their beauty and well manners to assured them a "happilly ever after" .
It was as easy as that, if you were blessed with a good soul, skin white as snow and ruby red lips you were half way there of reaching your ultimate goal.
Altough Cinderella was kind and beautiful but needed the help of a stylist fairygodmother to actually get the prince's attention and show him her inner beauty! (Superficial BS)
Another thing they had in common is that they all remained in their comfort zone.
All this girls had the abilities to become their own hero's and did not, because of the roles they were tought to play.
Imagine if Sleeping Beauty had slayed the dragon herself, that would had been the most brutal thing to imagine for everyone. How could someone so beautiful and delicate do such thing?
And even if she did, where would that leave the prince? (Farytales were sexist I know)
As time goes by new roles have been set among these characters, like Merida or Elsa which where first judged for acting different from what people expected before they could show how great they actually were.
Well you know what? First of all, I'll catch up with Prince Charming later on in life once I've found my way and second, I want to be the lady who knows that having a strong conviction in her principles is right.
Because this "tramp" being an "outcast" is just the reflection of people feeling intimidated or not getting where she is going, but guess what? Who cares!
As long as you believe in a cause and become the best version of yourself, you are enough.
You are your own saviour, your hero, a queen of the conrete jungle.
In the end whether you find yourself in the pinnacle of success or stoop real low in deception, the only thing you have for sure is yourself. The only one who can enjoy its rewards or carry its way out of the rabbit hole is yourself reason why you might do whatever in the name of chic you want.
Remain classy because you think it's the way, nourish your mind, wear sequins before noon with a denim shirt, quote celebrated authors because you like to have a fancy saying for every situation, drink champagne, learn the difference between a Cosmo and a straight up Martini, devour literature, engage in intelectual discussions, overdress on a daily bases and don't make an effort to please the phonies!
Become the one and only they would, for that mere reason, call TRAMP!
Become what they will never be: Real.
Xoxo, RWPF



'This the season to be jolly and improve your outfit planning skills as holiday fiestas start piling up on your calendar.
As soon as december arrives with it's shimmering rain of Golden glitter, smell of pine, Apple/Cinammon tea and echos of "All I want for Christmas is You" on every place you set foot on... We have a problem.
What on earth should be worn to all those girl brunches, dinner plans and parties?
And with that question pop three factors o avoid disaster.
A)Without dying in the freezing cold
B)Without losing the sense of chic.
C) Without repeatng the same combos.
First of all, we need to take the 1-0-1 approach.
The months of December demands thematic forms of party-wear so remeber.. EVERYTHING IS ALLOWED!
I do not care if it is 3 o'clock, don't be afraid of sequins and fur or fedoras as long as everything else remains casual!
As the clock ticks you are able too put more things to it, get shorter or brighter or cozier depending on the plan and place, this season is about ALL or NOTHING!
But please remember to consider those factors: Time, plan, place.
You really don't want to wear a dress at an outdoors dinner without tights and a good coat, or wear your most glamorous fur at an indoors lunch.
Keep scrolling down for some party-wear ideas....
Let me know what you tend to wear for the holidays... And sing along with me while reading please!
With le boyfriend, the girls, the family, whoever, where-ever, a simple turtleneck and jeans covered with a nice warm vest, a comfortable tote and some nice pointy toe pumps to upgrade the look.

Lunch or even a casual dinner demands leather leggins and offers the chance to wear something cool like a sweater. Remember...Say it with a shirt!
Simple, ladylike, the easiest combo to obtain neat perfection, look put together and don't think too much.
Velvet is a nice fabric for the season as well, throw over a bulky pullover and a statement necklace to feel and look stunning.
If you want to bet for velvet all the way.. Look for a velvet blazer or suit.. Stunning IPSO FACTO!
Sequins are like champagne, too much is just right!
Enjoy, dance, stand in front of the light and SHINE!
Stay fabulouse!
Happy Holidays!
Xoxo, RWPF



Soulmates, LBD's & Gemstones

I am an over analytical person.
Altough I could say that I'm quite a nerdy gal, I do not lose sleep over what the square root of Pi is.
For me, the more "mundane" and emotional things are, the more I wonder how we work and why we behave in certain ways. I'm attracted to the extremes, the dark and bright things that make people tick. That is how I develop certain hypothesis which then become... "Fashion Theories"
The latest one is about soul seeking mates...

People think about soulmates as we fashionistas would think about  little black dresses when in fact they're much more like, let's say... Diamonds, champagne or any type of shimmering complement.
See, once you've found the perfect LBD, because they are quite difficult to come by, you can have as much of it as you like. It'll become you anchor, your savior whenever you have no clue of what to wear, the best friend that'll make you always look good, your companion on every special occasion...
It won't really matter because at that point you will have already felt that long craved perfect fit you felt the very first time you tried it on. The feeling won't change (unless of course you loose or gain weight, but that's another story) Even though you like it, you absolutely adore it, it might even be the pinacle of couture, once you've found it you will have satiated your five senses with just one comprehensive silhuette.

With gemstones for example, you get the opportunity to indulge in variety. You don't have to choose a diamond bracelet over an emerald necklace or ruby earrings. You can be finicky about your selection by wearing only one type or combine all as you please!
When thinking about soulmates, the supposition is that after you've found that one person, your search is over, your existence has been complemented and therefore completed.
But that leaves us with very few options doesn't it? If every time we thought we had found the one was true, where would that leave us?
Probably wearing one single LBD as uniform for the rest of our lifes.

According to Wikipedia the exact definition of soulmate is "a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity"
It all goes back to ancient Greece where they believed that when humans were first created they were Androgynus beings, greedy Zeus in an attempt to gain more human worship decided to split them down the middle. And so, women and men appeared. This separated humans would then pine for their other half the rest of eternity.
However, let's not forget that all this relentless search really was and still is a pursuit of happiness.
And that's where everything turns interesting.
Does only that one LBD posses the ability to make you happy?
Can't a pair of sapphires make you feel the same?
Can't a partner be just a partner? A really great one, who gets you, who likes you just as much as you like him or her, who feels comfortable in your company, someone who you can trust?
Because friendship is a powerful thing.
This last few months my mind has been mulling over the matter asking itself if it was wrong to see other people as soulmates, because I'm almost certain that I get most of this benefits from a bunch of girls who have become more like my sisters over the years.
Those who text you good luck messages before an exam, "good morning have a nice day" even from the other side of the world, listen to every single one of your issues and even love you when you are the opposite of your most lovable self.
I feel the exact same thing when I think about my mom, who gets me to a degree that I don't even get myself.
Of course, the difference between a dress and a gem in this case is the level of sexual stimulation, which doesn't mean that only because you have a connection with someone belonging to the other gender, they can't be stored in your jewelry box among your other lucky charms, right?
That's precisly the thing.
Can't your love, the one, be your little black dress and your friends be your shiny accesories? All in a soulmate spectrum?

The chemical formula for love is C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2.
Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. All produced by a reciprocity of trust and affection, which can be easily manufactured in a lab as well and it's overdose can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.
So in any case, whether it is because of a dress or a piece of jewellery, at any rate, if love doesn't kill you, i
t will certainly drive you crazy.
Xoxo, RWPF


Outfit planning?

They say that the average woman spends over a year of her life trying to decide what to wear.
That means, that even if we wanted to, we Fashion girls could never be average.
And what about our previous planning?
Or should I ask first... Are you an outfit planner?
Because as much as I'd like to refuse the fact that a lot of my precious time revolves around clothing, I couldn't possibly deny that I absolutely am.
I mean, it's not only the fact that I can lock myself in my closet and play dress up for hours, but that I even plan around the ensambles I create.
I'm one of those people who have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit; meaning that I actually analize whether the event, school, person, etc is worthy of the look, taking into consideration my schedule of course.
So, let's say I have the perfect party outfit for next week's girls night out, but an improvised plan pops up, I have to find something to wear ipso facto, otherwise what will I wear next week?
Of course, since I've become a notes person over the years, one who makes To-Do lists almost every day, uses post its as if they were wallpaper and has an IPhone full of notes that go from clever jokes and quotes I intend to pull out of my left pocket at some point in future conversation, to recipes, to nerdy facts, to music and MVA blog posts written down during an inspirational strokes during which my notebook nor laptop were at hand, I do Fashion notes to store together with pics of my combinations on the Cloth App to keep track of them.

Truth is that even though it's barely the beginning of december, I already know what I'll be wearing for Halloween 2015.
For as long as I can remember I have spent time doing psychic walk-throughs of every scenario in my life. (How about that for OVERTHINKING) What will I wear tomorrow if it rains or shines? Or if zombie apocalypse starts? Or a revolution? Or if I suddenly and without further notice decide to fly to NYC? What would I wear on the plane? Should I take my fur coat and fedora? or is it too much for the plane? Nevertheless it will be cold when I get there....
I've have been saving the most perfect to wear at graduation in more or less two years from now.
I know what I would love to wear for Valentine's if I knew that I had any special plans.
And while my best friend is still 18 and with no Prince Charming at sight, I even know what I would be wearing at her wedding.
Ok no.... That's a lie... But we might find out if you give me an hour or two.

Nonetheless there are days where I wake up, stand in front of my closet and ask myself "What on earth am I going to wear today?" Which only makes clear, what a futile attemp to have control over nothing my notes actually are. Because even if I have 20 outfits planned. If I wear one at that moment, what am I going to wear next monday when school photos are taken? Or on friday when I have a date?
In the end I will probably end up wearing something completely different anyway, because it might rain, be cold, or I will probably not be in the mood for shorts and tights.

Maybe all what the planning really is, is an excuse to play around, or actually makes easier to achieve that effortless I-just-put-together-this-perfect-look-in-five-minutes grat feeling we've talked about.
Still, the question remains. Are you an outfit planner?
And if you are, what does this say about you?
I would rather avoid that though because right now after writing all this confessions I'm afraid to accept that I seem rather obsessive, stylish, but crazy.
However I know I'm not the only planner out there.
All in all, remember that we might not know where we will be tomorrow or in the next 20 years... But we, the planners, will know exactly what to wear.
Xoxo, RWPF



Chanel Salzburg

Every Chanel show comes not only with the expectation of another breath taking collection in a majestic location around the globe, but a new extract of Coco Chanel's story brougt to life by uncle Karl's imagination.
Yesterday the entire Fashion scene reunited at Salzburg to witness the maisons pre-fall Métiers d’Art show, so called for the use of all it's artisans in the creation of the garnments.
The impressive Leopoldskron castle, one of the most important rococó palaces in Austria, opened its doors to welcome the entourage of Austro-Hungarian princesses and Tyroleans which had previously passed through the kaisers filter of tweed and pearls to set the tone of what we will be seeing next autumn under the seal of Chanel.
Tones of ruffles, embroidery, suede, suspenders, dramatic lace and pearls flooded the corridors of the castel....Every girls dream!
The new film is titled Reincarnation and retraces the history of the iconic Chanel jacket, where Gabrielle Chanel, embodied by Geraldine Chaplin, is holidaying in the suburbs of Salzburg in 1954 when, at her hotel, she meets a young lift-boy played by Pharrell Williams wearing a jacket which would later inspire her to create the iconic Chanel jacket we all crave nowadays.

Favourite Looks

When I saw the collection, it reminded me a lot of my gradmother, and don't get me wrong, my grandma was one of the most stylish women I have ever known, and this collection has a way of portraiting typical austrian/hungarian/german clothing, very linked to my culture, that I just had to smile of the thought of how my beloved gran would have use this as an excuse to finally be able to make me wear a dindle at any given opportunity... Which right know I would never dare to deny...
Xoxo, RWPF
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