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My beloved readers,
after a very well deserved vacation I'm back at home.
I spent the weekend camping at a National Aqua Park called Las Estacas outside Mexico City.
Beautiful place built around a crystal clear lake surrounded by tropical vegetation where ducks and fish like to hide. We went kayaking, swimming and enjoyed a late night bonfire with a zillion s'mores until we couldn't bare to eat anymore.
I'm still shocked with the beauty of the place, lots of pools and ponds with koy fish swimming around lotus flowers while the birds sang, we drank coconut water and bathe in the sun!
It was the perfect occassion to wear my new trikini swimsuit from the latest H&M summer collection! 
Forget about bikinis this season and embrace new silhouettes that define your body. This one has such a flattering patronage I just could not resist. The Pamela hat is essential for the nostalgic Hollywood allure and a wicker bag is a must for any exotic (super hot) destination.
The wraparound skirt I'm wearing is DIY-ed with a bit of printed fabric I bought some weeks back, I find them most suitable for when we wear a swimsuit as pretty as this one!
What else can I tell you? I spent the rest of my time after exploring just writing and taking pleasure of the calm that followed the storm of finals. I can only hope for the summer to be even better!



Pamela Hat/Cancun Market
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Too often Fashion Week comes and goes as fast as a compulsive shopper from one end of the store to the other.
Nevertheles in that consuming madness, beautiful collections and new designers pop out.
I'll be sharing with you my favourite collections from MBFWmx this week, share with me your thoughts on social media.
This time I met Gerard Angulo and Paulina Canales, creative directors from PAGÉ a new brand, launched more or less 4 months ago, at Fashion Week Mexico. 
I really iked their concept as their first collection based on luxurious Street-wear with a very edgy take on transparencies and sport-chic silhouettes.
The first look was my absolute favourite since I've been craving a pair of sheer pants since I firt saw them in Chanel SS14. This collection did not focus in the feminine side of sexyness but took a darker approach into the femme fatale allure. The sport accents and heavy bangles made it a tad more urban without loosing this aura of sophistication.
You might be asking yourselfs what's up with the frogs. Well, for both designers who had previously worked in Fashion but had never actually engaged in the creative process of clothes, the frogs represent a methamorphosis. A new career.  Reinvention.
I'm dying to get a pair of those pants or any of the ensambles below. I'm all about lingerie for the concrete this season (this is what global warming is geting us into) to reivent too. BEYOND COOL!



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Sweet Disposition

Oh boy...!
It is almost impossible to describe how much I love the weekend.
Two perfect days to wake up late, go out for brunch, indulge in carbs and shop for flowers.

I find this last activity almost therapeutic.
It used to bring me a lot of joy when I was younger to go and pick fresh flowers with my dad after a delicious breakfast. We had a little routine you know, I used to wake up very early on satirday and he would make me a fruit cocktail. Then I would put on a nice dress and we would go to his favourite spot in the city for breakfast... In case he hadn't already prepared me the best french toast I've ever eaten. Afterwards we would go to grab an icecream and have a stroll at the park where we would pick some fresh flowers. 
Yellow Tulips. We always got yellow tulips. His favourite color, my favourite flower, specially in spring when they bloom faster.
That little trip was everything to me, I would tell him everything about my week and just enjoy his trully marvellouse company. Sadly that tradition ended a few years ago, however I still remember him with happyness everytime I go to the flowers market. 
I like gerberas, pansies and roses as well, however hydrangeas were the ones that caught my eye this week.
It was a pretty good day among lovely people, great food and simple little things that painted a smile on my face. 

Buddha said once that when the day comes when people realize the miracle that the blooming of a seed trully is, it'll be the day they'll be mesmerized by the simple act of existence and all that which we consider trouble will stop tormenting us.

This type of days call for something super laidback, but at the same time super chic. I've always felt that leather has this amazing ability to elevate any look, and because of that I decided to pair my beloved leather joggers with a half tuck navy shirt, a pair of mules and a printed clutch to give it a punch of texture. 

So tell me, what's your favourite thing to do on the weekends? And.. How do you like this look?

Sunníes/Marc Jacobs
Shirt/ Anne Taylor
Leather Joggers/H&M
Rings/Forever 21
Red Polish/Couleur Caramel
Xoxo, RWPF


Looking Closer

Something is happening to me lately. Something is changing in the way I dress, on my view of life, the way I perceive people, the way I react to things that come my way... And so on.
I guess it is just a part of growing up, but I've  never feel so encouraged to show myself, my true self to the world without thinking about what everybody else thinks. I've been experimenting, getting out of my confort zone in my style and with my attitude towards life in general.
I've engaged in many projects that are finally, after tons of work, taking some shape.
And I'm writting a lot, not only about Fashion which I love, but about life, like Virgina Woolf once said "about the things nobody dares to write about". And it maks me happy, it is good to change and is is nice to feel like you are finally starting to figure things out.
I had the idea of this photos about two years ago, nor was I old enough or brave to shot them.
Right now they have a meaning, they express the changes I've been through and represents one of those rewarding projects that turn out just the way you had pictured them.
If you look closer it is a catarsis, and outburst of emotions, it's a thrill and confussion, happiness and fear about the future and for me just a milestone of who I want to become as a person.
There are this days where you just wake up with a clear idea in your mind about something and know that this time you'll get it right. You just know that it didn't matter all those times you told everybody how you were changing or planned to do so, you just change... It's a switch. You wake up, look closer at the mirror and know it is done.
That's how clear things seem to be at the moment.
This pictures are my latest art Project and go with a text I wrote a few months back. Feel free to share, like and comment.

I used to write how a monster lived in my hed rather tan under my bed.
I think that even then, I understood the power of my own thoughts. For this was a monster of self-creation. A monster born from my deepest fears, a monster constructed with my bare mind incarnated by thoughts that were slowly and painfully eating me away.
But the thing is, they were all mine. I chose to think about them. And my whole life was transformed because of them. I left the creature roam freely in my head for too long.
Still, I guess that when the day comes, when people realize how their life only exists inside their mind, it'll be the day they'll take responsibility for their thoughts. Not control -- for you see, they've had that all along.
Your mind is the brush with which you paint reality. And for all intents and purposes you could be the next Goya reviving from his own "dream of reason".
 R. Woodworth

Slip/ La Perla Lingerie
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*MONSTER is an original text from Roberta Woodworth. 2015. All rights reserved.
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Spring Summer '15

This season is a complete paradox.
While Versace redefines sexy DVF is foccused on a more seductive and mysterious silhouette just like Stella McCartney who is "celebrating the gentle side of the woman". Gucci, and Ralph Lauren for example took a retro approach inspired in the 70's completely opposite to Prada and Vuitton who followed a more it-girly vibe classic from the 50's.
So, on the one hand we are embraced by a bohemian nostalgia and on the other by the revival of the femme fatale. A full set of contradictions with smooth cuts and big statements, minimalistic ensambles to pair with fringes, sequins, lace and leather that only open our spectrum to endless possibilities. Without a shatter of doubt this is the season to mix and match a bit of everything and shake the fear of the new trends.

Denim Phenomenon
This amazing fabric reinvents itself to become our most basic leaving trousers aside. Skirts, jackets, dresses, blazers bags and even shoes layered up in every shade of blue we can imagine. 
Every fashionista is a fund lover of black, but camel is the only color worthy to become a substitute in a luxurious total ensamble. For winter or spring this color in woolen sweaters, linen dresses or suede boots is perfect for absolutely any occasion.
Long, short, in any color or material, fringes add movement, freedom and a bohemian sense to every look. Go for it, there's no way to go wrong by adding a little wildness to your looks. I love fringes in skirts and bags, actually my current favourite is a black fringed leather bucket bag.
A coat or blazer is the VIP member of the three-piece rule to improve any look. Are you familiar with it? It consists on adding the ultimate garnment to make your outfit go from nice to chic. a White shirt plus denim is nice, but a military jacket is a total upgrade. So, a sleeveless blazer is the best option to do it with an extra statement because it is so unexpected.

Spring comes with a stack of vibrant color but one of my favourites is military Green. Very organic, easy to pair and perfect to update any look. I guess that there are some colors that people do not normally wear but that actually make your outfit look a bit more expensive and casually chic like this shade. Military blazers, jumpsuits or camou pats need to be in your arsenal this season!

We could blame this crazy weather or the avant garde minds proliferating out there but leather is here to stay all year long.
Crop Top
Sexy yet discrete, perfect for the warrm weather, from daay to night with high-waisted shorts, skirts and jeans, turn them into your best Friends this season. I would really encourage you to analize if they flatter you figure otherwise is a risky ítem to wear.
Gold, silver, sequins, a complete Golden Hollywood revival to dazzle the night and light up your day. Don't be scared about wearing anything shiny on broad day light, pair ir with denim or basics like a White shirt and sneakers to achieve the coolest look ever!
What do you think about this season?
Ready to try new trends?
Xoxo, RWPF

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