Soulmates, LBD's & Gemstones

I am an over analytical person.
Altough I could say that I'm quite a nerdy gal, I do not lose sleep over what the square root of Pi is.
For me, the more "mundane" and emotional things are, the more I wonder how we work and why we behave in certain ways. I'm attracted to the extremes, the dark and bright things that make people tick. That is how I develop certain hypothesis which then become... "Fashion Theories"
The latest one is about soul seeking mates...

People think about soulmates as we fashionistas would think about  little black dresses when in fact they're much more like, let's say... Diamonds, champagne or any type of shimmering complement.
See, once you've found the perfect LBD, because they are quite difficult to come by, you can have as much of it as you like. It'll become you anchor, your savior whenever you have no clue of what to wear, the best friend that'll make you always look good, your companion on every special occasion...
It won't really matter because at that point you will have already felt that long craved perfect fit you felt the very first time you tried it on. The feeling won't change (unless of course you loose or gain weight, but that's another story) Even though you like it, you absolutely adore it, it might even be the pinacle of couture, once you've found it you will have satiated your five senses with just one comprehensive silhuette.

With gemstones for example, you get the opportunity to indulge in variety. You don't have to choose a diamond bracelet over an emerald necklace or ruby earrings. You can be finicky about your selection by wearing only one type or combine all as you please!
When thinking about soulmates, the supposition is that after you've found that one person, your search is over, your existence has been complemented and therefore completed.
But that leaves us with very few options doesn't it? If every time we thought we had found the one was true, where would that leave us?
Probably wearing one single LBD as uniform for the rest of our lifes.

According to Wikipedia the exact definition of soulmate is "a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity"
It all goes back to ancient Greece where they believed that when humans were first created they were Androgynus beings, greedy Zeus in an attempt to gain more human worship decided to split them down the middle. And so, women and men appeared. This separated humans would then pine for their other half the rest of eternity.
However, let's not forget that all this relentless search really was and still is a pursuit of happiness.
And that's where everything turns interesting.
Does only that one LBD posses the ability to make you happy?
Can't a pair of sapphires make you feel the same?
Can't a partner be just a partner? A really great one, who gets you, who likes you just as much as you like him or her, who feels comfortable in your company, someone who you can trust?
Because friendship is a powerful thing.
This last few months my mind has been mulling over the matter asking itself if it was wrong to see other people as soulmates, because I'm almost certain that I get most of this benefits from a bunch of girls who have become more like my sisters over the years.
Those who text you good luck messages before an exam, "good morning have a nice day" even from the other side of the world, listen to every single one of your issues and even love you when you are the opposite of your most lovable self.
I feel the exact same thing when I think about my mom, who gets me to a degree that I don't even get myself.
Of course, the difference between a dress and a gem in this case is the level of sexual stimulation, which doesn't mean that only because you have a connection with someone belonging to the other gender, they can't be stored in your jewelry box among your other lucky charms, right?
That's precisly the thing.
Can't your love, the one, be your little black dress and your friends be your shiny accesories? All in a soulmate spectrum?

The chemical formula for love is C8H11NO2+C10H12N2O+C43H66N12O12S2.
Dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin. All produced by a reciprocity of trust and affection, which can be easily manufactured in a lab as well and it's overdose can cause schizophrenia, extreme paranoia, and insanity.
So in any case, whether it is because of a dress or a piece of jewellery, at any rate, if love doesn't kill you, i
t will certainly drive you crazy.
Xoxo, RWPF


The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word almost.

He was almost in love.

She was almost the one.

He almost stopped her.

She almost waited.

He almost lived.

They almost made it.


Dear Girls...

Dear girls,
Sometimes you'll just be too much.
Too smart, too sexy, too strong.
Too bold, too beautiful, too real.
Sometimes you'll be just too much of a woman, 
Too much of something that might make a boy feel like less of a man, which will start making you feel like you have to be less of a woman to be with that so called "man".
Which might lead you to think you have to make one of the biggest mistakes there are: removing jewels from your crown to make it easier for a man to carry. 
But if that ever crosses your mind please remember that strong women intimidate boys, but excite men. Which means that you don't need a smaller crown. 
You need a man with bigger hands.
Never settle for less than what you deserve.

R. Woodworth

FG: Bistró 1888

They say that every cool girl is half a boy. And they say that you get to a mans heart through his stomach so... If you connect the dots and thinks about me..Well, then both statements are correct.
For our last meal in Queretaro we had dinner at a place called Bistró 1888 at Antea Queretaro Lifestyle Center.
The Bistró belongs to Palacio de Hierro and is a places dedicated to good food prepared through simple processes such as in an oven with stone and wood floors, grills and griddles.
The ingredients are top notch from the beginning. As a good foodie family we tend to order different dishes to try them all. What stood up from the menu for us were the Camembert cream with apple, roasted tomato soup, prosciutto and pomodoro pasta, stake with cabrales cheese  sauce, red snapper with butter and capers and what I order and am quite sure died and went to heaven once I ate it: rack of lamb chops with fig and datil sauce. The lamb was soft and juicy and the sauce was the perfect complement.
Even tough we were already full we had to try the chesnut cake filled with fresh chesnuts and chestnut cream. A complete delight!

Dicen que cada chica cool es mitad niño. Y dicen que el camino para llegar al corazón de un hombre es a través de su estómago así que ... Si conectan los puntos y piensan en mi..Pues, ambas afirmaciones son correctas.
Para nuestra última comida en Querétaro cenamos en un lugar llamado Bistró 1888 en el centro comercial Antea Lifestyle Center.
El bistro pertenece a Palacio de Hierro y esta dedicado a la buena comida preparada a través de procesos simples, como en un horno con piedra y madera, parrillas y planchas.
Los ingredientes son de primera clase desde el principio. Como una buena familia gourmet, tendemos a pedir platos diferentes para probar todos. Pedimos crema de camembert con manzana, crema de tomate asado, pasta de jamón y pomodoro, filete con salsa de quesos cabrales, huachinango con mantequilla y alcaparras y lo que yo pedí y me llevó al cielo con cada bocado: costillar de cordero en salsa de higo y dátil. El cordero era suave y jugoso y la salsa era el complemento perfecto para al sabor que le otorga su grasa.
Aún satisfechos,  teníamos que probar el pastel de castaña lleno de castañas frescas y crema de castañas. Una absoluta delicia!
Si van pronto a Querétaro no se lo pueden perder!
R. Woodworth

New York Stories



For some reason, New York City seems to be a great place for peculiar anecdotes to be born. It’s just so unexpected you know? There’s so much life everywhere and so many people, that anything can happen. And so it did.
It was Wednesday and I was with a couple of friends at Brooklyn to meet a fashion designer at the premises of her Studio next to the Hudson River.
After grabbing lunch, we decided it was time to go back to Manhattan and spend the rest of the day walking around Midtown. All we had to do, was take back the subway.

Once we got to the station and were about to hop on the train a voice announced through the speakers that there would be no more trains to Manhattan until further notice because of some mechanical failure.
WHAT? Our hearts sank to our stomach in despair. Everyone at the station seemed furious, however, we were just frustrated because we did not want to lose one day at the city and couldn’t figure out what to do about it. While my friends asked around if anyone had heard any news that could give us any hope of leaving Brooklyn soon, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to face a very handsome young man with a bright smile on his face who asked me, a little embarrassed, in spanish, if I knew what was going on. His face looked familiar, I knew that I had seen him before. Yeah, when we had just arrived at the station. We had exchanged glances and a friendly smile but both of us had followed separate ways. Well, there we were.. “No, sorry, I don’t know when will be able to get to Manhattan” I answered politely. “Oh well, I’ll guess we’ll have to wait”… And so we did.                                                                                                            
We chatted quite a bit, about our countries, as he was from Madrid but said to love Mexico City, and had a blast in doing so.                                                                                 
He even introduced me to his grandma, a cute old french Mrs. who he had brought to New York to celebrate her birthday. After a few laughs and things in common, like his love for traveling, good food and ability to speak fluent German (COME ON! WHAT A CATCH!) It was FINALLY time to board the train.

We hopped inside and remained close, OBVIOUSLY because of how packed the subway was (yeah right). My friends, who had already seen what a connection your girl had made (and how into it he was according to one of them) continued to play along. Suddenly, (too soon if you ask me) it was time to hop out, but instead of coming with us, this red polo + James-dean-jaw-line persona together with his adorable grandma were to hop out at the next station. We said our goodbyes, her Grammy even gave me a kiss and told me how nice it was to have met such a pretty girl, and when I was about to step down it even looked as if he was about to tell me something, but then people started rushing down and the slow-mo sequence started to catch up to Manhattan speed, which means that from a moment to the other I was practically forced down the train and pushed out to the station at 6th Av.

I looked behind me in the search of his tousled black hair to find his green eyes starring right back at me. He looked expectant, but it was obvious that he could not move and leave his grandma unprotected on the crowded subway. WHAT SHOULD I DO? – I asked myself nervously
One of my friends pulled me of my hesitation and told me to run back and ask his name. SERIOUSLY? COME ON.. WHAT ABOUT THE EMBARRASSMENT?  But once I turned my head once again in his direction, he was still looking at me. WHATEVER! #Yolo… I ran to the subway door and asked him shouting what his name was. He looked happy, but when he shouted back his name it was muted by the typical "Shhhhh" you hear close to the time when the train is about to start moving. After that he asked the same, but my response was also suppressed by the same sound that now marked the closing of the doors.

They closed. 
We kept looking into each other's eyes until the subway disappeared and we couldn’t anymore.
It was sad and I was really embarrassed after realizing that the entire station had witness it. A lady near me had even sighed. I MEAN!
Red as a tomato I returned with my friends to continue our journey. It was sad in a way, but it also gave us a good 20 minutes of laughter and a great anecdote.
One of those things that only happen in New York.