In general,
serendipity is the act of finding something valuable or delightful when you are not looking for it. 
A word.  A love.  A song.  A look.  A friend.  A lipstick.  A pair of stilettos.....
fortunate wind... click.... perfect picture.
A thought that whisks us away from the here and now to take us into a stream of utopia..
Vital lives are about action. You can't feel warmth unless you create it, can't feel delight until you
play, can't meet light unless you've found darkness, can't know serendipity unless you risk or unmask your intentions.
I can't say I'm a girl of simple tastes, however I paradoxically enjoy plane fortunate moments observing my surroundings, walking around, being spontaneous, giggling for hours, having a sudden intellectual conversation, free my mind, and once I've slayed its dragons, live each and every feeling in the most intense way possible.
So, this friday I would encourage you to dip your serenity in serendipity and let the surprise be your prize. (That right there, was a great inspiration stroke)

En general,
serendipity es el acto de encontrar algo valioso o encantador cuando no lo estas buscando.
Palabras. Amor. Una canción. Una mirada. Un amigo. Una labial. Un par de tacones de aguja .....
Un viento inesperado... click .... que crea la imagen perfecta en un milisegundo.
Un pensamiento que nos transporta lejos de aquí y ahora a una corriente utopica ..
La vida se basa en acción. No se puede sentir calor a menos que lo creemos, no podemos sentir placer hasta que juguemos, no podemos encontrar la luz a menos que enfrentemos a la oscuridad, no podemos vivir la serendipia sin arriegar o desenmascarar nuestras verdaderas intenciones y con ellas nuestros mas profundos sentmientos.
No puedo decir que soy una chica de gustos sencillos, sin embargo, paradójicamente, disfruto de momentos de paz observando mi entorno, paseando, siendo espontánea, descubriendo nuevos lugares, vagando sin rumbo, riendo por horas, teniendo inesperadamente una buena conversación sobre la vida, liberando mi mente, y una vez que he derrotado a sus dragones, viviendo todos y cada uno de mis sentimientos de la forma más intensa posible.
Así que este viernes les recomendaría, que no esperen nada, para que pase todo...



Fight Club!

"You wake up at Seatac, SFO, LAX. You wake up at O'Hare, Dallas-Fort Worth, BWI. Pacific, mountain, central. Lose an hour, gain an hour. This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time. You wake up at Air Harbor International. If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" 

What do you think? Could you? 

Years go by, we go to the same places, sometimes meet the same people, but are we the same person? 


Because life goes on and we develop, we spiritually and mentally grow, we suffer, and most important we learn. 

It might be the same spot in the park, the same lake, the same ducks... But never the same thoughts.


Such a powerful letter to me. A few years back it had no meaning but a pain in my tale, because of the difficulty to pronounce it. 

Now it means everything and nothing.

It is the beginning of the future: Writer

It is heritage: Woodworth

It is powerful: Word

It can inflect pain and change everything: War

It is all of us: World

It was something mundane that change it's meaning after years of learning... After years of living. 

It makes me fell fearless, strong, happy and somehow surprised of how much experiences can change you forever. 

Love can change you, sorrow, pain and excitement... It's beautiful.

No surprise this sweater had a magnetic attraction on me, such a lovely thing triggered so much in my mind I needed to own it. 

That's how a favourite is born, when you don't just like it because it's pretty, but because it means something. 





"Grab your coat and get your hat, leave your worry on the doorstep...
Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the Street"
I consider myself an old soul. 
Yes, I have a 90's birth date but would have loved to rock to the 80's beat, flapp all flapper like a 20's gal and walk all Casablanca as they would have done in the 50's.
As a history lover there are 3 factors I crave nostalgically while reviewing fashion history. (it doesn't apply to the 80's)
A perfect example is the former dazzling hollywood glamour. 
Think about Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart... those where people with a certain savoure fair that made everyone fall in love with the shimmering mirage of the perfect life they supposedly lead. The clothes, the look, the unyielding women with the perfect makeup a silk scarf, fedora and the world to their feet. 
Those days when elegance actually mattered and meant more than being "old fashioned" 
Those days when it was all about natural beauty and that X factor rather than twerking and controvery just to get ratings. I would love that those things like well dressing, education and chivalry were still essentials in our society.
And that's the reason why garnments like a silk blouse, red lipstick or hats and gloves evoke so much. 
Those are pieces with a past.... And past has a mistery.
It was trully exciting when I got this fedora.
People usually tell me I have a hat-face (hate how it sounds) meaning that I can wear them. I don't really know, what I know is that they make me feel different, somehow misterious and like I'm wearing a bit of that millenial immaculate allure present in every epoque since middle age.
Hats are lady like, strong and effortlessly seductive. They hide your eyes and your true intentions, only showing your lips and a flirty smile. They make you different and strong.
So ditch the beanie this season and go for it! 
En lo personal, me considero chapada a la antigua
Sí, nací en los 90, pero tengo una fascinación por el rock y el cuero, así que los 80's habrían sido mi pasión.
También tengo fantasias en las que bailo swing en vestidos con millones de flecos que vuelan con cada voltereta, o en las que camino con gran porte, guantes hasta el codo, un sombrero y una falda alta al estilo de Casablanca en los 50's.
Como amante de la historia hay 3 factores que anhelo con nostalgia mientras pienso en épocas pasadas. ELEGANCIA. ACTITUD. CLASE.
Un ejemplo perfecto es el antiguo glamour dorado de hollywood.
Esa fue una época literalmente deslumbarnte...
Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart ... eran personas con cierta chispa y personalidad que enamoraba al mundo y hacia que nos asombraramos por las vidas perfectas que supuestamente llevaban.
La ropa, con un movimiento de liberación por detrás,  los gestos, el maquillaje perfecto, una bufanda de seda, sombrero de ala ancha y el mundo a sus pies.
Esos eran días en que la elegancia realmente importaba y significaba más que ser "snob"
Esos días en que era todo sobre belleza natural y ese factor X en lugar de twerking y controversia sólo para obtener ratings. Me encantaría que esas cosas como el bien vestir,  la educación y caballerosidad todavía fueran elementos esenciales en nuestra sociedad.
Esa es la razón por la que las prendas  como una blusa de seda, lápiz labial rojo o sombreros y guantes evocan tanto.
Esas son piezas con un pasado .... Y el pasado tiene misterio.
Fue muy emocionante cuando me adueñe de esta fedora.
La gente suele decirme que tengo una cara sombrero (odio como suena) lo que significa que puedo llevarlos. Realmente no lo , lo que sé es que me hacen sentir diferente, de alguna manera misteriosa y como que estoy usando un poco de ese inmaculado encanto milenario.
Los sombreros hacen a una dama fuerte y seductora sin esfuerzo. Esconden sus ojos y sus verdaderas intenciones, sólo mostrando sus labios y una sonrisa coqueta.
Te hacen diferente y fuerte.
Así que olvidate de la gorrita esta temporada y ¡adelante!
Xoxo, RWPF


Beauty: Flawless in a Rush!

First week back at school, first week back at work and we would give a piece of our soul to delay the struggle of getting up early.
5, 10, 30 minutes more make a delightful difference until you stare at your clock in horror, because you have only 3 minutes left to dash to where ever you need to and find a remedy to the lion-maze/puffy-eyes/what-am-I-going-to-wear/situation.
I would never judge you for going out to a party, a little cocktail, Fashion show or just staying up late to talk to the one....
Nevertheless I'm here to help you open your eyes... LITERALLY and look flawless in less then 5 minutes.

Lesson number 1.
Select your look the night before.
This is the most basic thing to leave the house on time. It's been proofed that we girls spend over a year of our lifes choosing what to wear. At least every average woman... probably not me.. I spend a little more. Sorry Not Sorry.
Putting your entire outfit the night before will make you save valuable time and dress up mechanically without even thinking about it. That way you'll do it quick and look polish without givivng it lots of thought, at least at the very exact moment. Remember to leave your accesories as well.
That's one of your main problems solved in less then 2 minutes.

Lesson number 2.
Take a shower the night before and braid your hair.
Many of us take a shower the night before to sleep well, others really need it to get up, but when there's no time one most prioritize and sleep is much more amazing than getting all wet while you are still in cloud 9.
So take a shower and braid your entire mane. Doesn't matter if it's long or short.. That way when you wake up it'll be dry and look all wave and naturally beautiful for you to leae like that or just add the finishing touches.

Lesson number 3.
Moisturize your lips.
We wake up all worried about our puffy read eyes, but don't get even a little concerned about the stated of our smile. Cracked lips look and feel absolutely terrible, so first thing in the morning in waking up, washion your face, your teeth and applying lip balm so they smooth up while you get dressed and do your hair and makeup.

Lesson number 4.
Puffy eye remedie.
If you normally wake up looking like a raccon then you desperately need to leave a spoon in your fridge. That wake you'll wake up and while doing your morning smoothie, place it in your eyes and over the bags underneath them to make them go back to normal. Afterwards just apply a bit of illuminator in the inner corners of the eyes to make them look bigger.

Lesson number 4.
Natural Makeup
Once you are all cleaned up, dressed up ad your hair is fine you need to do the final touches.
There's no time for a very ellaborate look, so just take your most trust worthy brown eye liner and mascara to focus on a natural look. Why brown liner? It's easier to apply without getting all smudged and ruining your hard work in seconds. Natural looks don't require foundation, but if you really need it, better use a BB-cream that will not only even your skin but moisturize, repair and protect from the sun as well. Throw a lipstick in your back pack or just leave them naturally moisturized because of lesson 3.

And that's how you get ready after over sleeping...
Hope this tips come in handy next time you spend a rather fun night and wish to sleep a few merciful minutes longer.
Xoxo, RWPF



Too Cool for School!

Bomber jacket/Forever21
Leather skinnies/H&M

Hello my beloved readers,
Today was my first day of school and I was extremely nervous.
I'm not going to lie, every time I start a new term I get a feeling of stress I can't shake off until I'm standing in the classroom with the rest of my group.
It's just weird to see everybody again after 3 months of self absorption, family, shopping and relaxation.
That's why I always try to improve my morning and feel better by wearing something I like.
Those "Back to School" ideas were a way to gather all the hot trends of the season and turn them into comfy wearable ideas to go to school in style. This would be the zillionth time I say how much I hate to go to school in spots wear...
Karl Lagerfeld's quote is my mantra: "Sweatpants are a sign of defeat"
So, even in my worst day I throw on a shirt and wear sneackers.
Remember, get up, dress up, never give up and know that looking great doesn't need to be uncomfortable.
It is important, but looking not fashionably messy is NOT an option.
So today I wanted to make my best impression with a very urban vibe and throw on some of my summer shopping brand new electric blue bomber jacket, snake print slippers and my beloved leather pants (yeah, leather pant mission accompliched!)
There's something quite sexy about them don't you think? I mean in the end it's skin on skin. It's primal, It's sexual and it means that you are ready to rock n' roll.
A piece that evokes so much can bring a lot to a casual look when paired with toned down pieces.
It's very cool, cozy and still quite chic.
My new "school bag" is another thing that has me crazy. I wanted a tote where I could fit all the things, that as a nerd, I carry around and this baby is perfect and acts as a statement too. Two birds killed with one stone right?
What did you wear on your first day of school?
Do you like this look?
Xoxo, Roberta W.P.F

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