" I aquired a hunger for fairy tales in the dark days of blackout and blitz...."
I would love if things could develop themselves at the ends of the spectrum.
If they were simply black or white, yes or no, good or bad, because once we get into the many shades of grey (more tan fifthy I can assure), once we get into limbo... we encounter questions with the ability to eat us alive.
They make us wonder if we are doing things right, if we could have done better, if it is our fault that they ended up as messed up as they are and tide us with the question of whether there is anything we can do to fix it.
It is sad, uncertain and a cruel mixture of light and darkness.
If we think it true, it's easier to live in the dark.
Murkiness conceals our flaws, protects our feelings and hides our surroundings so that we thrive without worries.
Perspicuity on the other hand, shows things as they are, makes them real and tangible, exposes intentions, unmasks feelings, and presents our failures and those that surround us in a shiny silver platter.
But is carefree "thriving" worth it?
Is there a time when we can look direct into the sun and fight our demons?
Because that is a battle that can only be faught in broad daylight where hell takes defined shape and stands there for us to fire the first shot.
For that, one must step into the light, leave all doubt behind and look proudly into once's soul to finally free it from the claws of despair.
That my friends, can only be done if we take a leap and for once in our lives accept that we are afraid. Fear of fear is quite sage and probably the deepest fear that may exist, but it also turns us into invincible beings, those that even if afraid, decide to break the chains that impede them from flying.
I want to step into the light, I don't want easy, I want good. Because if things are worth it they won't be easy, if they are easy they won't be worth it, if you are worth it you won't give up and if you give up, you are not worthy.
So, prepare yourself to look into the mirror.. and don't forget to turn on the light.
Me encantaría que las cosas se desarrollaran en los extremos del espectro.
Me encantaría que fueran simplemente blanco o negro, sí o no, bueno o malo, porque una vez que entramos a los matices del gris, una vez que nos encontramos en el limbo ... nos topamos con preguntas que nos carcomen vivos.
Estas hacen que nos preguntemos si estamos haciendo las cosas bien, si podríamos haber hecho algo mejor, si es nuestra culpa que las cosas se desarrollaran de ese modo y hay algo que podamos hacer al respecto.
Es triste, incierto y una mezcla cruel del binomio claro-oscuro.
Si lo pensamos detenidamente, es más fácil vivir en la oscuridad.
Las tinieblas ocultan nuestros defectos, protegen nuestros sentimientos y esconden nuestro entorno para que podamos prosperar sin preocupaciones.
La nitidez por otro lado, muestra las cosas como son, las hace reales, expone intenciones, desenmascara sentimientos, y presenta nuestros fracasos y los de quienes nos rodean en bandeja de plata.
Pero, yo me pregunto si "propsperar sin preocupaciones" vale la pena...
¿Hay algún momento en el que podamos mirar directamente al sol y luchar contra nuestros demonios?
Porque esa es una batalla que sólo puede llevarse a cabo a plena luz del día, donde el infierno toma forma definida y está frente a nosotros para que demos el primer golpe.
Para eso, uno debe caminar hacia la luz, dejar todas las dudas atrás y mirar con orgullo dentro del alma para finalmente liberarla de las garras de la desesperación.
Eso amigos míos, sólo se puede hacer si damos un salto y por una vez en nuestras vidas aceptamos que tenemos miedo.
El miedo al miedo es muy sensato y probablemente el temor más profundo que pueda existir.
Sin embargo es el único con el poder de convertirnos en seres invencibles, los cuales, incluso hacen del miedo un impulso para romper las cadenas que les impiden volar.
Quiero dar un paso hacia la luz. No quiero que las cosas sean fáciles, quiero que sean buenas. 
Porque si las cosas valen la pena no van a ser fáciles, si son fáciles, no valdrán la pena. Si tu eres digno, no te daras por vencidos y si te rindes, no eras dignos.
Así que prepárate para mirarte al espejo .. y no olvides encender la luz.
Xoxo, RWPF


NYFW: Future Spring 2015... Part1

September is the january of Fashion.
Starting with this month's magazines which turn into humongous presents on our doorstep, it is the start of a new season and style revolution who's accomplishments only last for the next 6 months until another barbaric weather strike and idea brainstorm takes place practically simultaneously in NYC, Paris, London and Milan turning this "new year" in nothing like the mundane "relaxing" one (if you ever find holiday season relaxing) but into complete and beautiful chaos.
Fashion Week New York came to an end last friday, and was the responsable for the kick off of the crazyness of fashion month.
From all the NYFW's I've lived as blogger, this was the quickest one. I'm normally glued to my IPhone screen to see what's happening every minute of every day in every show and presentation in both sides of the globe, but this year it all took place in the blinck of an eye and it was suddenly over.
I can't even imagine what it could be if I lived everything in flesh and blood. Which hopefully I will one day, when I get the chance to finally RSVP yes to all those beautiful and blessed invitations I'm finally and luckily am getting. It would probably be sweet pandemonium with sored feet.
Don't get me wrong, I don't mean pandemonium in a wrong way, it is said that nothing good happens in heaven, so we might as well all go to hell in beautiful magnetic sole stilettos.
So before proceeding with more ... we will summarize the future of SS15 according to the Big Apple.

Marc Jacobs
Every season Marc Jacobs ends wowing all spectators watching his shows, because even though he follows a line of youthfull, cool, daring designes, nobody really knows were he is going to take us season after season. This time we were called for duty at battle field, which stands in counter positions to the sweet venue with a cute white-picket-fenced house illuminated in pink he chose for his models to strut down the runway.
This time the military inspiration was taken to another level. No camouflage, but a palette of military green, khaki, white and navy from very thick methallic fabrics that could easily remind us of a parachute or combat attire.
The silhouettes were short and flirty while at the same time dairing and a bit galactic.
I immediately tthought about something between star treck and the army.
Don't you love it?
I would seriously consider in wearong that cobalt space amazon dress or the Green military jumpsuit full of explorer pockets.

J. Mendell

Apart from the clearly elegant silhouette we were intended to see, J. Mendell's fur was definetely one of the peeks of the collection as this designers is already merging seasons and preparing every woman to fight this terrible bipolar weather. He made clear as well, that fur can be fun.

Michael Kors
 Basically made the statement of the season. Clean basics like button down shirts with embroideres skirts and a belt.
THE BELT KNOT THOUGH.... one to keep an eye on.
Calvin Klein
In words of Vogue, Francisco Costa seems to have gotten, just like Picasso into a Blue Period as his shade choices in the latest Calvin Klein collection were nothing more than navy with occasional hints of red and white in garnments that returned to Klein's origins and portrait sporty cleanliness with interesting textures compelling a more modern and minimalistic look one would expect from the brand.
Ralph Lauren
Utility, and how it can appear in every girl's closet, was the message here, which is 100% Ralph, who knows we can all dream a little but need to stay grounded in reality. Whenever I think of Ralph, I picture timelesss class of an american woman. Picture Jackie Kennedy in some way Diane Keaton and neat society woman wearing capri pants and sweaters. So, for me, Ralph Lauren was something for mature woman, something I'd like to wear when I get older (even If I have some beautiful pieces in my closet at the moment) but the way he has of reinterpreting each piece to make it edgier and add the sexy factor is stunning. The safari jacket has now a sharply defined waist, colorful suits like that gorgeous olive versión that walked down the runway, black looks with sheered backs and dreamy organza details that complemented each and every single attire. His idea of perfection from after 9 to 5... A pair of long crystal earrings in lustrous shades of ruby and amethyst. Go big or go home.

And this was just a sneak peek from everything we were able to absorb the last crazy week in NYC.. stay tuned for more...


Viva Mexico!

September is a month of celebration for all Mexicans.
We get very patriotic and love dressing to celebrate independence day, the downside is that sometimes we do not know how to combine the essence of the holidays with our daily looks and then
end up wearing the national football team shirt or wear the flag colors, which normally make us look as if we're wearing a costume.
There is nothing wrong with using typical pieces, face painting, wacky hairstyles and handcrafted pieces, but sometimes we are not in the mood for much production and only want to include typical Mexican things in our daily outfits to mix tradition with contemporary and achieved a very cool look.
Septiembre es un mes de fiesta para todos los mexicanos.
Nos ponemos muy patrióticos y nos encanta vestirnos para celebrar el día de la independencia. Lo malo es que a veces no sabemos como combinar la esencia de las festividades con nuestros looks diarios. Creo que eso pasa en todos los países; o todos terminan usando la playera del equipo de futbol nacional o se visten de los colores de la bandera, lo que hace que en lugar de cool o sofisticados parezca que estamos usando un disfraz.
No hay nada de malo en usar piezas típicas, pintura, peinados estrambóticos y piezas artesanales, pero hay veces que no estamos de humor para tanta producción, por lo que queremos incluir cosas típicas mexicanas en nuestros outfits diarios.
Así mezclamos la tradición con lo contemporáneo y logramos un look muy cool.
¡Dilo con una playera!
Fue básicamente el eslogan del 2014, así que por que no poner todo nuestro espíritu en una playera graciosa. Vi esta y me fascino esta genial!
¿No les encanta la bolsa? A mi sí. Las venden en muchísimos mercaditos y creo que le dan un toque étnico muy cool a todo.
Say it with a shirt!
Was 2014's slogan, so why not wearing a cute funny shirt to portrait the spirit!
Don't you love the wicker bag? You can find them in tons of markets across the country and they are perfect to give your look an ethnic vibe.
México es famoso por sus piezas de plata, de hecho es uno de los mayores productores a nivel mundial, reconocido por su calidad.
Mi lugar favorito para comprar este tipo de joyería es un pequeño pueblito llamado Taxco en Guerrero. Las blusas bordadas también me fascinan, así que una manera linda de combinar ambas cosas podría ser con unos pantalones de mezclilla o unos shorts con sandalias de tacón y un satchel.
Mexico is famous for its silver pieces, in fact it is one of the largest producers in the world, renowned for its quality.
My favorite place to buy this type of jewelry place is a small town called Taxco in the state of Guerrero. The embroidered blouses also fascinate me, so a nice way to combine both could be with some jeans or shorts with high heel sandals and  asatchel....
La joyería es definitivamente unas de las cosas más fáciles de combinar y las calaveras decoradas son adoradas en todo el mundo no solo en la moda sino como preciados souvenirs y alusiones a nuestra cultura, por lo tanto no dudes en ponerte colorido y optar por usar muchas de ellas en estas fiestas.
Jewelry is definitely one of the easiest things to combine and skulls decorated are worshiped throughout the world not only in fashion but as cherished souvenirs and allusions to our culture, so do not hesitate, get colorful and opt to use many of them this holiday season.
Si tienes cocteles o eventos formales puedes aprovechar para usar rojo, blanco o verde... tenemos mucha suerte de tener una bandera con colores siempre en tendencia.
Xoxo, RWPF


Beauty: Devilish Woman

"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody"- Mark Twain

Altough I agree with Mark Twain, being always in the light can be a bit boring. 
Changing into a little more edgy allure is always refreshing and quite sexy, so today... To liberate us from the weeks stress I want to share with you guys a very classy yet dearing look to go out after nine to five or keep it cool at a cocktail. 
There are no restrictions, as long as you keep the outfit minimalistic, the strong bold lips and flirty eyes will certainly attract more then one dark knight by themselves.
Liquid Liner/ MAC Cosmetics
Kohl Liner/Givenchy
Waterproof Mascara/ Givenchy
Lipstick/ MAC Cosmetics

Now, it's important to keep all strokes neat. Line your lips with concealer so that it doesn't spread later on, looks evenly smooth and makes strong color pop out. 
Then, draw an audacious cat eye to achieve the visual symmetry needed for the most perfect mistery. 
Draw a fine line over your lashes root, than nake a line a few milimeters before the edge of the eye. Afterwards draw another line ending at the edge to create a triangle. To finish, fill the triangle and keep drawing from that angle to the lacrimal. 
May the wings of your eyeliner be always even.
Try as many times as you need to achieve it.
There you have an easy and quick devilish girl look.
Have fun...! 



The Future is Gold

"The past can be beautiful, a memory, a dream, but it’s no place to live.  And now it’s time, the only way out, is up. It’s not heaven. It’s a new world. The future is gold"

 J'adore Dior was born as a way for John Galliano to leave his mark in Christian's maison.
His very first collection was inspired by the masai women, who usually wear dozens of golden necklaces as ornament to elongate their necks, which then served as guide line to create the magnificent bottle. The name?
Well, this design genius couldn't pronúnciate a word in french at the time of his early beginnings at Dior, but J'adore! He adored this, and that and everything involving the creative process of something new. This way, a great designer managed to leave his hidden print in something ever iconic, that even though he had to abruptly and scandalously leave, prevails.
That is one of the main reasons why I like this perfume so much, not only because of it's scent and appealing tv spots picturing wonderful eleggant women, but because of the yuxtaposition between the simplicity of it's bottle to the story behind it.
This year J'adore has a new and more powerful meaning. The Future Is GOLDEN.
Words we should all live by every day,don't you think?
Xoxo, RWPF
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