Fake it 'til you make it!

I've always wanted to look cool.
To be the kind of girl who not only makes people stare but want to try it. I want to exude that sense of: she could be wearing a potato sack and still look great. Fundamentally, I also realize how cool is inherent and you either are or not.
Think Zendaya, James Dean or Lenny Kravitz. With Kravitz’s reflect shades and nose ring, James white shirts and desert boots or Zendaya's leather jogger with anckle strap heels, white Ts and an almost too effortless black bra these people emit a sense of style we love not because of the clothes but because we’re attracted to their swagger.
It is effortless by definition, though interesting to note is the fact that “effortlessness” as a style movement can be faked. And well, at that. If it’s true that good artists copy and great artists steal, then when it comes to fashion, effortless dressing is the epitome of the saying. Nevertheless one most always keep in mind that good style doesn’t aim to impress anyone but the self. 
So first we must change the idea of cool being only a matter of genes and start acting because with changing ideas comes a change of energy and when that energy turns into matter, well, we are capable of achieving whatever we set out to accomplish. Right? So recently, I’ve decided to change the approach: if you want to look cool, then look cool. You can fake whatever you want to fake until, that is, you explicitly make it. (I didn’t write the cliché — I’m just broadcasting it.) So maybe this is just another long winded way to say, you do you(without perpetuating narcissism) but in the spirit of “news you can use,” here are six things to facilitate your faking cool.

1. A leather jacket, because, duh, Danny Zuko made it cool in 1978 and a must for every rebel.
Or Varsity, Golden, sequined or fringed. Any jacket worth to remember is essential to be cool.
2. Sunglasses. 
Make a change. Fon't bet for average, bet for statement. They might retain a reflective lens, be double toned, made out of wood, bamboo or have a different shape.
3. White Shirt. 
Forever the emblem of James Dean and every cool kid around there is something profoundly “effortless.” to it when mixed with a nice necklace or a chic blazer.
 And you know what’s cool? Being effortless. See that cool full circle we just manufactured.

4. Denim
Well fitted jeans are a must. Nothing is more appealing than a pair of jeans that smoothly contour your curves without being to tight or crazy. Plain black or blue jeans make the cut. Remember that minimal is always chic! 

5. Boots
Forget stilettos on a daily basis, they might be chic but mostly uncomfortable. 
On the other side a pair of booties elongate your silhouette and give a much bolder accent to match the ultimate pieces above.
6. Accesories
Knuckle rings, chokers, statement necklaces, earcuffs, bangles, fake noserings, body chains or plastic chockers are the sort of thing not everyone wears but everybody wants!
And we are talking about basics here but you should always know that long oversized silhouettes will make perfect dresses, that mix&match is nothing to be afraid of and that there's not such thing as overdressed!
Tell me what you think...
Besitos Ro!



Beauty Wednesday: Almabox + Lullage

The world wide web has become a hell of a great big store wouldn't you agree?
Why would you ever want to go out in heels or even sneakers to the mall to shop, when you can do it laying in your bed while sipping on Green tea in your PJ's?
Oh right... those trips ser to show of what you buy hahaha
But seriously, now it's very simple to get yourself anything with the online shops of every single retailer you can imagine or even using a platform that mixes them all such as Net-a-porter, Luisa via Roma or Mexicouture.
Well, thanks to a beauty enthusiast there's a new e-commerce called Almashopping to renew your daily arsenal without having to move from your home.
But the most appealing is their little blue Almabox to which you subscribe to receive a package with 5 different beauty products according to your needs and willings.
Their newest addition to the univers of brands they sell is called Lullage and it is amazing!

A spanish Brand that claims to be the "expert in spots" with a complete collection of products focused on regenerating the skin and eliminated stains created by acné, aging or the sun in 10 weeks.
All the products assure to have that protection and are complementary to the original spot removal treatment.
I will be trying them over the next few weeks to test the change, but what I can tell you is that it absorbs quick leaving your skin smooth, the sunscreen smells delicious which is a plus considering the fact that is one of the most hatet beauty products ever and the exfoliant makes a profound clease eaving your skin even a little brighter!
The presentation was in a place called Breakfast Roma in Mexico City!
If you live here or are visiting this is a must to visit. The concept is petit brunch and thir omellettes, croque monsieurs and french toast are to die for apart from the atmosphere of the place which is a house with vintage decor and a cozy atmosphere.
I'll be telling you everything about the development in my skin, but so far I'm loving it.

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Confessions of a Shoppaholic

I mean... Harsh, but true.
Just kidding, I'm not that bitchy or materialistic but a girl has needs and most of them, at least if I talk about myself, are anckle-strap shoe-and-fringed-bag related.
So, today I want to tell you the story of when I found out about my addiction, which might just seem as another tale of Fashion histeria but is in fact much more complex and deeper than what most of us would admit.
I want to share al well, because I know that you guys and I are part of a wolfpack of strange birds who mostly suffers it.
Well, the story goes like this... 
My mom and I decided to go to brunch the other day and have some quality girl time to chit chat about boys and overly indulge in goat cheese & fig macarons with a cup of tea (which I don't  even remotely regret)
Afterwards we went to the mall to take a little stroll during some casual window shopping, where I ended up not only looking but also buying a great amount of things. Just 2 days later, on saturday, we went to the mall again to meet some Friends for lunch and on our way to the restaurant I bumped into a cute dress. 
I told my parents that I just wanted to see it and that I would meet them later, but the moment I stepped into the store I got  surrounded by sales, crop tops, sequined dresses and so many accesories which couldn't keep myself from unleashing my credit card and buying some more.
My mother's face when I got to the restaurant holding shopping bags was the sign I needed to make me see how dangerously things were getting out of hand. And so I recapitulated.
The past weeks,there was no store I had gone inside that I hadn't ended up making a purchase.
That's kind of serious.
It's compulsive, irrational and as much as it is good for the economy which I would gladly help all day long, it's certainly bad for mine.
And so I decided to accept the fact that I had a problem. An addiction to shopping and a compulsion to make decitions which often ended up being shortly meditated and sometimes quite regretable.
If you think about it there's another aspect to such irrational consumption often followed by the common known
There's a phase after buying something you love where you ask yourself what your life even was before having it. Because the moment you make the purchase, it is as if everything you own couldn't work without those snake pumps you now so proudly cherish.
Now imagine getting something new practically every two days...
That goes against the master rule of every fashionis which dictates that everything in a closet should be wearable and pairable!
So ditching "oldies" at the back of it is just a waste.
To make the story short I submited myself to a relaxation therapy. I though about it. And now as silly as it sounds I take deep breaths before going into any clothing store. 
I allow myself to see, apreciate details, imagine looks, try on shoes but now seriously think about the rules of HOW TO GO SHOPPING? and analize the quality of the purchase before leaving the store. If it doesn't cover the requirenments of the previous post, then it's just not for you/me/us in any case.
Let's become a more focused and responsable shopper society! 
remember that the first step is to acknowledge the problem and that it is ok to have a drug of choice as long as it does not control you.

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The next big thing!

My last day of school was last week.
It was my last day as a junior high school student, and after leaving school the only thing I could think about was all my friends who graduated this year and the ones who will be spending a year abroad and I won't be seeing anymore. For me, that day was filled with goodbyes, that even though are said to be a part of life, it does not mean that it’s something we know how to deal with or even want to. We could be talking about the end of a chapter, a lover, a friend, a workplace or home that leads in any case it is really hard to say goodbye and let go of eveything we've been through. Nevertheless doing so, waving away the fit-well-once-but-not-so-much-anymore things, is always followed by a new purpose.
I somehow realized that as long as we aren’t comfortable nor willing to say goodbye we can't fully commit, take a risk or embrace our purpose, because we’re terrified of feeling stuck. Choosing wrong or loosing interest and that means that w e’re so worried about the future that we cling desperately to the present.
So, one of my year resolutions is to become good at goodbyes or at least at handeling them so I can confidently embrace what comes my way next.
Here’s my 4-step process for rocking goodbyes:
Acknowledge the pain
Have you ever heard that anger is a secondary emotion? See, something always triggers anger. When it comes to goodbyes the initial emotion is often some form of sadness, loss or grief and if we let these vulnerabilities go unnoticed then anger takes over making us unable to ever heal. So first accept tht it hurts and why it hurts to be able to fulfill the next step.
Thank whatever is leaving or ended 
Take time to acknowledge all the ways this particular “thing” helped you. Specially if was something that didn’t serve you or hurt you. Some sort of lesson must lay beside it.
Whatever it is that’s leaving you, send gratitude for its service. Then let it go.
Unplug from it.
Like a lamp into the wall. Unplug the cord. Turn it off. This is how you stop running its energy. Stop feeling it. Stop connecting to it. And now have an empty outlet to plug in whatever you want.
Fill in the space the goodbye created with something you want.
Like crossing monkey bars, reach for what you want next.
Put words to it. Describe it. Imagine how it feels. Let this new, better-fitting thing, be your new energy source and put your mind to building it.

Crop top/DIY My Vintae Armoire
Statement Necklace/ SACHI
Sunníes/ TOMS
Bucket Bag/H&M
Mules/ C&A
I'll be returning to school to my senior year as soon as summer ends. So, the time to say goodbye to 15 years with the same people, teachers, halls and feeling is around the corner.
Still, I hope that whatever comes next is much more thrilling ...
For now I'll just enjoy the beautiful weather and company that this season brings along.
I went to grab a bite with my family in this little ensamble. Very fresh and casual perfect for a calm weekend.
You've seen over every single social media my obsession for this new statement necklace, it is from SACHI and I love it. Adds the perfect level of sophistication to a White t-shirt or cocktail dress. Head over to their media and check them out. I'll be announcing a contest to win one of their pieces in a few days! Stay tuned!
Hope you like it!
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Latest music obsession...
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TOMS: One for One

Have you ever imagined what it would be to walk on earth, clay or riverstones all day everyday?
No. Me neither.
At least after a few days ago when I had to think about it at the launch of the latest collection of TOMS.
Every shopper has a remote knowledge of what TOMS does, but at least in my case I had never really thought or dig a bit deeper in ther labor.
I must say that the little brunch we had was a very inspiring one where I got to know the roots and goals of the Project behind the Brand, born not as a business but as a way to keep funding the retribution to society that Blake Mycoskie was doing, and improve the lives of millions of children living in poverty.
 Everything started in a trip to Argentina where Blake, founder and owner of the company, met a woman who was looking for shoe donations to give childrens and members of communities in need.
Something as simple as shoes can really help to make a difference n the life of thousands you see, because running around barefoot can end up being a liability to their development. Many diseases are contracted through Little wounds and scratches on the feet caused by the rough surfaces they have to walk everyday. And many kids, without the proper care, can die of those infections.
"Preaching by example"- #mvastyle
So, after learning about the labor that woman was doing, he decided that he wanted to give back to society and look for a way that he could provide new shoes to people who needed them. But for that he needed to sell something so he could afford the donations. That is how TOMS was born. A Brand and a name that actually stands for Shoes for TOMorrow! 
He built an aliance with Children International to distribute the resources that depend on the needs and place required. Not that because you buy a pair of slippers a child in China will get the same. Shoes range from sneakers to snowboots depending on their needs.
Now, TOMS does not only want to improve the living conditions of children by providing them with shoes, but help them improve their lifes. That's why they started comercializing sunglasses as well to get the money for the glasses or surgery some people may need.
Picture the huge impact that this accesories  may have in life of some people. Shoes may prevent them from getting sick while being able to see can ensure that a child can see the black bord at school and learn. Or that an old farmer with cataracts can finally go back to work and help his family.
One of the things that inspired me the  most and I found quite remarkable  about Blake is that he is always looking ahead to find a way to improve those communities in need forever not only with a braand new pair of shoes. So, he started researching all the places TOMS was reaching and he found out that in places like Rwuanda, Honduras, Panama, Ethiopia and Colombia coffee was one of their primary industries but agricultures didn't seem to get much profit out of it. So, he decided to help communities process their own coffee creating Jobs and ensuring a better payment. Nevertheless big coffee companies have a monopoly over the coffee trade which led him to open 5 coffee shops in the US and 2 in Europe where this coffee is sold and can help the workers. Also, for every coffe bag you purchase a Liter of clean water is being given to men women and children who need it.  
 With Blake Mycoskie
 What else  can I tell you?
I learned a lot and wanted to share every piece of it with you guys, because one of the first steps of making a change is creating awarness.
I hope you got inspired as much as I am and that if you decide to buy something from TOMS now really know what it means and for that feel joy for contributing to a great cost.
ONE for ONE is the philosophy we should all live by.
Let's preach by example.
Xoxo, RWPF 
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