FG: Butcher & Sons

Last weekend I met with a few friends from New York in the city to go to the Modern Art Museum and catch an eye on the Balenciaga exhibit. Afterwards we were STARVING so we decided to head out for a generous and hearty meal near by at Polanquito. Walking on the weekend along Reforma Avenue is a delight, and the atmosphere near Lincoln park is perfect to leisurely enjoy the day in the company of friends and maybe a good dessert to follow.
If you like rock this place is for you. Dean, Hendrix, Morrison... those are just the burger names. Prosciutto with avocado, a classic one with american cheese, vegetarian version with a goat cheese patty and portobello as buns or the Morrison made out of Blue cheese and confit onions and pickles or goat cheese and portonello are the perfect match for some sweet potato fries, onion rings and a cookie&cream milkshake. Too much? Well, I am a true believer in the rule that says, that if you are gonna indulge, you should do it right.
I love the Polanco location, like everybody else, so I should warn you that specially on the weekends you should arrive early to be able to catch a table or al least don't wait that much. Nevertheless you cand find them at La Roma or Pedregal as well.
So, if you are ever wondering around midtown in the city and crave a good burger... By all means don't doubt to go into this place.

Manus x Machina

Have you ever witness something so beautiful that tears rolled down your cheeks because of the excitment. Well, I cried a little during my recent visit to the MET. 

Manus x Machina, the newest exhibit from the Anna Wintour Costume Intitute,
is structured around the métiers or trades, of dressmaking outlined in the Encyclopedie, one of the most provocative publications of the French Enlightenment. It placed these trades on the same level as the arts and sciences, which had been regarded as the noblest forms of scholarly activity since Greek antiquity. The elevantion of these and other métiers served as an incendiary challenge to established prejudices against manual labor, biases that the authors sought to refute by showing the creativity and complexity such work involved. In fact, the Encyclopédie, detailing as it does the skills and tools requisite for these arts, provides an erstwhile articulation of the exhibition's theme - manus x machina, hand x machine. 

The first suit starting on the left is a classic Chanel tweed suit. The next three samples are made out of 3D printed "tweed" from the Chanel FW 2015 collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld.
The interesting about this pieces isn't just the material or execution, but the fact that couture can be made now with a machine. There's a new way to create perfectly tailored suits just by printing them. GENIUS!

The "métiers" or "arts"  defined in the Encyclopedie remain central to the haute couture today, and provide the organizing principles of this exhibition.
Embroidery, featherwork, lacework, leatherwork and artificial flowers as well as the traditional divisions of a couture house are explored througout the entire display which consists of 170 pieces, and superimposes creations of designers who mostly use technological resources like Nicholas Ghesquiere, Issey Miyake, Karl Lagerfeld and Iris van Herpen. antagonistic to those like Prada, Saint Laurent, Cristobal Balenciaga and Dior who focus on manual labor.

Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen

Burtons created the scale-type pagé with little feathers made out of metall which were cut, carved and shaped by hand

The main goal is to achieve that spectator is able to see the evolution of the industry starting from the sewing machine to new technologies such as laser cutting, computer modeling, ultrasonic welding and 3D printing.
In essence, the exhibition unfolds as a contemporary adaptation of the Encyclopedie and tries to make the viewer reflect about the new processes that challenge traditions,

Today, making a garment using technology can result in a process equally or even more challenging than the one made entirely by hand.
Yuxtaposition in white. White dresses against a solely computer designed and then 3D printed ensamble by Iris Harpen

As mentioned by Andrew Bolton himself, the curator of this magnificent display:
"I wanted to challenge the assumption hand in front of the machine. You always think that the hand is representative of superiority or luxury, the machine is lower. However, sometimes a garment produced by a machine carries a much slower and more complex process. "

This is not one of my fondest creatins, but the work involved it's exquisite. The garnment in the right is a faux fur coat that was covered in different shades of green painting to create an ombré pattern. However, the painting was mixed with aluminium powder so that before the painting could set, the designer hold a magnet and the fibers would go up and create different patterns following the movement of the magnet. Once the painting was dry, you could appreciate the work.

The work on this Balenciaga coat is SUBLIME. Inspired in Butterflies and the overlapping of it's colored scales that create the intrincate patternson their wings. The designer chose thousands of feathers, each one of a SINGLE color to then apply them one by one to create a multicolored kaleidoscope. Each feather has just one color, so, to create this... The pattern had to be planned carefully.
This pieces were very complex to make according to their designer Nicholas Guesquiere. The cellulois sequins wee cut into strips by laser, then machine glued onto tulle. When the fabric came back from the factory, he didn´t like it, but as he began to fold and drape, bubbles bgan to form, and the sequins took on the shape of a croissant... Because the sequins were too shiny, they spray-painted them- by hand- to createshadows and make them look more dimmensional and imperfect.

This wonderful dress is completely made out of leather flowers sculpted with heat and cut by laser. Designed by Maria Grazia Chiusi and Pier Paolo Piccoli head designers at Valentino.

Among the many factors that inspired the creation of this exhibit, is the understanding that there is no competition between these two different types of manufactoring, which today complement each other and constitute the DNA of modern fashion.

If you are planning to go to NYC soon, you must check it out.

R. Woodworth


New York is a city with a great meaning for me.                                                    
The first time I ever went there was about 10 years ago with my dad when I was nine, and it was one of the most amazing trips I’ve been to. I remember us going shopping at 5th Avenue and Madison, to Broadway so we could watch The Phantom of the Opera (which I was and still am obsessed with BTW) and The Lion King (One of my favourite plays. It leaves you speechless). We would go to Fao Schwarz as well, which I was sad to hear has moved from its well-known location in front of Central Park. We had lunch like Sinatra at PJ Clarke’s, the most iconic burgers in town together while sipping on Shirley Temple’s (because daddy knew from the start that I was growing up to be a girly girl hahaha), Later on we would eat oysters at Grand Central Station and then dinner at The Palm. He knew Manhattan like the back of his hand and I know that I could have never had any better guide than him.

That was the last time I went on a trip with my dad, because one day after we arrived in Mexico City he was interned in the hospital. A month later my daddy passed away because his cancer had spread beyond the treatment stage. 
I think that's reason enough to have link the city to a few of my fondest memories.  

Apart from that, New York turns out to be one of the world’s fashion capitals and as a fashion lover who would love to work in the industry it's a dream location to build a future. I yearned the opportunity to go back and enjoy the city for myself. Because one of my biggest dreams was and still is to travel alone  I’ve travelled to many places without my parents since I was around 11, but there was always someone familiar around. Teachers, friends, family… However, this time it was just me. Me, myself and I all alone in the concrete jungle.
I saw it as an opportunity to see whatever I wanted to see, go wherever I wanted to go and learn. 
Tons of things happened and I will be very happy to share my little stories with you!
Starting today, every friday for the next few weeks you'll be able to read my NEW YORK STORIES and find them all under the "Travel" section.
This was just the beginning a little prelude so you could get how much this trip meant to me...
thanks for reading.... R.Woodworth

We don't talk anymore

It's been a month since the last time we spoke. 
It’s the longest we haven't talked to each other in a very long time. 
It’s weird. It’s not like I’m in pain or anything, it’s just that I got used to it and now feel like there’s a void in my routine.
It’s like missing a snack in the middle of the day: you are not starving, but your stomach is confused and bored because of the lack of an appetizer. So now I feel like I have too much spare time. I’m not sure if I miss you, neither am I sure if you do. I’m not sure of anything related to us like I used to be.

We talked constantly. Truth be told, we used to talk every day.
If something important happened we would simply make a phone call and share every detail. It used to be the same with our problems. Girl problems with you, boy trouble with me… We used to help each other out and it felt rather good to have someone, you know? To have a person, YOUR person with whom you could be real. A little crazy, maybe oversensitive, fool or corny… but nothing more and nothing less than yourself.

Still, there comes a time in every relationship of the sort where the spark you share sets doubt. We are talking about that one person with whom you don’t have a romantic relationship with, but can’t deny the fact that you care about each other a little more than you care about others. Somehow that’s nice. A little strange perhaps in your eyes and in those from the people surrounding you, but the feeling that comes with knowing that you fondly care about each other, is a feeling too good to pass or let go.
So, you decide to ignore the question that occasionally pops into your head: What are we?
and shut it down completely.

The DTR (Define The Relationship) command lingers in your head unanswered and triggers other inquiries along the way: What should you do? What do you feel? Would you like to change your relationship status? Are you the only one feeling this way? Are you willing to risk it by asking?
Nonetheless you try to ignore them because they make you feel confused and afraid.


What if you are not the only one asking this questions? What if others think the same? What if they tell him?

So, you let it go and carry on, but from time to time they appear to haunt you and put you in a crossroad until the very day the spark between you two makes everything explode and you finally talk about it.

And we did talk about it. Thing is, you were drunk. A detail that only confirmed that utterly need you had to tell me, but how it supposed a great trouble for you as well.

Everything you revealed that night was that you had been struggling with this thoughts for years. But the fact that you are with someone and had the courage to say you felt jealous about my suitors made the matter worse. 
You can not have everything! 
I never thought I would ever want to keep my distance from you, but this relationship was dangerous from the beginning and we let it go too far. Being together while feeling attracted to each other is not healthy nor wise if we never come to terms with it. 
Despite everything, I still have hope in believing we could overcome this. (Yeah I know it's foolish but I'm human)

Nevertheless, maybe our friendship wasn’t so strong, or you are still struggling with your feelings. And I’ve just had enough.
Thanks for teaching me that indecision is a decision, and I had to make mine and just move on. 
You are not with me, but don't want to be without me either. You are just standing in the way.

This doesn't mean I hate you, quite the contrary... The fact that you care about somebody is not something you can just turn off. I still wish you the best, specially happiness.
I'm just realizing now, that it might just not be the right timing for us to be friends nor enything else. 

They say that if two past lovers can manage to remain friends, that means they never truly loved each other… Or they love each other stil.
So maybe we should keep moving forward onto separate paths and let faith do its thing, while we come to terms with the fact that we don’t talk anymore.

R. Woodworth

Pear & Cucumber refreshing face mask

Hey beauties, welcome back to another beauty post on My Vintage Armoire!
Last week I shared with you the path for perfect skin: ICING 
Now I've prepared this little recipe to help moisture your skin after that procedure. You know, a mask to refresh in this summer heat.
Leave a commento below telling me how you felt...
Happy spa day!

Pear and Cucumber Refreshing Face Mask
This recipe is not only freshbut also helps smoothe irritation and soften skin.

You need:
- 1 ripe pear
-  1/2 a cucumber
- 1 TbS Olive oil

Chop the pear and cucumber into cubs and add it together with the olive oil it into the blender.
Blend well until it has turned into a paste to help exfoliate the skin.
Apply this mask on the areas you want to moisturize or inflammation for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water.
Afterwards use your moisturizer and instantly your skin will look healthy and rested.

Enjoy the heat and stay gorgeous!