Looking Closer

Something is happening to me lately. Something is changing in the way I dress, on my view of life, the way I perceive people, the way I react to things that come my way... And so on.
I guess it is just a part of growing up, but I've  never feel so encouraged to show myself, my true self to the world without thinking about what everybody else thinks. I've been experimenting, getting out of my confort zone in my style and with my attitude towards life in general.
I've engaged in many projects that are finally, after tons of work, taking some shape.
And I'm writting a lot, not only about Fashion which I love, but about life, like Virgina Woolf once said "about the things nobody dares to write about". And it maks me happy, it is good to change and is is nice to feel like you are finally starting to figure things out.
I had the idea of this photos about two years ago, nor was I old enough or brave to shot them.
Right now they have a meaning, they express the changes I've been through and represents one of those rewarding projects that turn out just the way you had pictured them.
If you look closer it is a catarsis, and outburst of emotions, it's a thrill and confussion, happiness and fear about the future and for me just a milestone of who I want to become as a person.
There are this days where you just wake up with a clear idea in your mind about something and know that this time you'll get it right. You just know that it didn't matter all those times you told everybody how you were changing or planned to do so, you just change... It's a switch. You wake up, look closer at the mirror and know it is done.
That's how clear things seem to be at the moment.
This pictures are my latest art Project and go with a text I wrote a few months back. Feel free to share, like and comment.

I used to write how a monster lived in my hed rather tan under my bed.
I think that even then, I understand the power of my own thoughts. For this was a monster of self-creation. A monster born from my deepest fears, a monster constructed with my bare mind incarnated by thoughts that were slowly and painfully eating me away.
But the thing is, they were all mine. I chose to think about them. And my whole life was transformed because of them. I left the creature roam freely in my head for too long.
Still, I guess that when the day comes, when people realice how their life only exists inside their mind, it'll be the day they'll take responsibility for their thoughts. Not control -- for you see, they've had that all along.
Your mind is the brush with which you paint reality. And for all intents and purposes you could be the next Goya reviving from his own "dream of reason".
 R. Woodworth

Slip/ La Perla Lingerie
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*MONSTER is an origanl texxt from Roberta Woodworth. 2015. All rights reserved.
Xoxo, RWPF


Spring Summer '15

This season is a complete paradox.
While Versace redefines sexy DVF is foccused on a more seductive and mysterious silhouette just like Stella McCartney who is "celebrating the gentle side of the woman". Gucci, and Ralph Lauren for example took a retro approach inspired in the 70's completely opposite to Prada and Vuitton who followed a more it-girly vibe classic from the 50's.
So, on the one hand we are embraced by a bohemian nostalgia and on the other by the revival of the femme fatale. A full set of contradictions with smooth cuts and big statements, minimalistic ensambles to pair with fringes, sequins, lace and leather that only open our spectrum to endless possibilities. Without a shatter of doubt this is the season to mix and match a bit of everything and shake the fear of the new trends.

Denim Phenomenon
This amazing fabric reinvents itself to become our most basic leaving trousers aside. Skirts, jackets, dresses, blazers bags and even shoes layered up in every shade of blue we can imagine. 
Every fashionista is a fund lover of black, but camel is the only color worthy to become a substitute in a luxurious total ensamble. For winter or spring this color in woolen sweaters, linen dresses or suede boots is perfect for absolutely any occasion.
Long, short, in any color or material, fringes add movement, freedom and a bohemian sense to every look. Go for it, there's no way to go wrong by adding a little wildness to your looks. I love fringes in skirts and bags, actually my current favourite is a black fringed leather bucket bag.
A coat or blazer is the VIP member of the three-piece rule to improve any look. Are you familiar with it? It consists on adding the ultimate garnment to make your outfit go from nice to chic. a White shirt plus denim is nice, but a military jacket is a total upgrade. So, a sleeveless blazer is the best option to do it with an extra statement because it is so unexpected.

Spring comes with a stack of vibrant color but one of my favourites is military Green. Very organic, easy to pair and perfect to update any look. I guess that there are some colors that people do not normally wear but that actually make your outfit look a bit more expensive and casually chic like this shade. Military blazers, jumpsuits or camou pats need to be in your arsenal this season!

We could blame this crazy weather or the avant garde minds proliferating out there but leather is here to stay all year long.
Crop Top
Sexy yet discrete, perfect for the warrm weather, from daay to night with high-waisted shorts, skirts and jeans, turn them into your best Friends this season. I would really encourage you to analize if they flatter you figure otherwise is a risky ítem to wear.
Gold, silver, sequins, a complete Golden Hollywood revival to dazzle the night and light up your day. Don't be scared about wearing anything shiny on broad day light, pair ir with denim or basics like a White shirt and sneakers to achieve the coolest look ever!
What do you think about this season?
Ready to try new trends?
Xoxo, RWPF



Beauty Wednesday: Xabone

Hey guys! It's beauty wednesday and I'd like to share with you the last products I've been testing.
I've always been very careful and disciplined when it comes to my beauty routine. I drink 3,5L water a day, sleep after the proper face washing and makeup removing, try to exercise daily, barely drink and eat clean. Basically the thing I lack is remembering to use sunscreen -.- and getting enough sleep which in my defense is not my fault, only homework, occasional parties and netflix are to blame. 
After all this care I like to look for the most natural products for my skin. You guys know that I started wearing makeup only two years ago when I started the blog and even today I still avoid certain products such as common foundation because it makes my face feel sticky and there is absolutely nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin.
That was until I shared with you my great experience with Couleur Caramel, a french brand specialized in products 100% made out of natural oils and powders. It's amazing how you feel fresh and moisturized with your makeup on as it naturaly absorbs without clogging your pores.

Nonetheless I try to avoid wearing tons of makeup  by only wearing Mascara as my daily essential.
But beauty care goes beyond makeup and I was recently introduced by the guys at Xabone to a brand called Bomb Cosmetics. They sell organic beauty products perfect to cleanse your system of any chemicals you normally put on it and engage to a healthier lifestyle.
Well, I have just started taking antibiotic against imperfections characteristic for my age and the doctor told me that my skin was going to be extremely dry and sensitive so I started showering with an almond oild shower gel from Couleur Caramel and exfoliating my body with "The Blues Body Polish" and my face with "Facial Palatial" from the Bomb Cosmetics which has left my skin surprisingly soft according to the circumstances, to fully moisturize I've been using the "Indulge" whipped body butter which is just divine.

I can't really see why most people resist using natural products when these actually work best for our body.
I'm super in love with XABONE's beauty arsenal and would encourage you to check it out, once you do you will only wonder why organic hadn't been your first option
Xoxo, RWPF



What's the deal with Mexican fashion?
Why hasn't an industry full of so much talent still left a deep impression on the Fashion world as Milan, Paris, London and New York?

The answer is simple if you look at the situation objectively: We are lacking the business plan.
A business plan necessary for designer to make a living out of their passion. That is the key to gain international recognition and projection.
This is exactly the main idea behind Mexicouture, a new e-commerce platform founded by former fashion editor of ELLE magazine founder of Elle Mexico Diseña, Sara Galindo and Maria José Hernández with a degree in communications who trully believes that Mexican design should be available to the rest of the world. Following this dream both partners have launched this online platform that allows anyone to buy national design from anywhere in the world.

What distinguishes Mexicouture is also it's curatorial by a prominent person of the scene. 
The person in charge of the spring summer selections this time was ELLE Mexico's current Fashion editor, Claudia Candano.
I've written about some of the brands and designer that are now a part of this amazing new chanel to get closer to the potential market of the mexican Fashion industry such as Kris Goyri, Julia and Renata, Yakampot or Lorena Saravia, well known for their runway shows at MBFWM , but it has been amazing to discover new talents as Laddu, OCELOTE and Isaac Rankuroi (former competitor at EMD 2014) through the portal.
In my opinion MEXICOUTURE.mx is the first set stone of an under-construction path that will give Mexico the support to gradually position itself as a force in Fashion.
Please check out MEXICOUTURE.mx and check out the amount of talent for yourself!
Thanks for the invite Sara!
Xoxo, RWPF


White Collar

"A city is not gauged by its length and width,
 but by the broadness of its vision and the height of its dreams" 
-Henry Caem   
I've come to the conclusion that my future +1 will definitely have to be very fund of sharing, because other wise... he's closet will be in constant danger of being robbed all the time. he he he                     (You've been warned)

My fascination relies on the fact that any borrowed-non-fitted-menswear-garnment has an indubitable sexiness attached to it appart from the chic factor added by it's oversized silhouette, smooth patronage and mostly minimalistic lines that make it easy to pair.

And they are, once again, very sexy too, or should I say... Seductive? 

There is a fine line between both terms, even if both inspire desire; because sexy may be sometimes over the top revealing and quite dangerous to portray without being tacky when, on the other hand, a seductive woman is misterious, elegant and knows how to be appealing without being innapropriate. 
Real sexiness or true seductiveness relies on leaving things to the imagination reason why my latest fashion theory believes that the power of a men's shirt, tux or even sweater relies on the purely psychological effect it causes when people see a girl wearing it. 

Where did it come from? Why is she wearing it? Believe me, boy's clothes make woman jealous and guys a tad more than intrigued.

I've developed a certain obsession for that allure and white collar shirts seem like the perfect option to wear as button down dresses this season. 

So, for a day down town Mexico City I kept it sleak to go around and have some fun!
What do you guys think about menswear?
  White Shirt/ Brooks BRothers
Skirt/ H&M
Purse/ Emanuel Ungaro
Heels/ MVA
Xoxo, RWPF
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